Laying Out the Wizard Form

1. Open the VBE and add a new UserForm.

2. Set the form's height to 320 and its width to 332.

3. Rename the form to HRWizard.

4. Add a Label to the top of the form, set its caption property to MyCompany - HR Wizard, and set the font to a large size like 18 pt. This will be the main heading for our form.

5. Add a MultiPage control to the form.

6. Set its Height property to 216 and its Width property to 270.

7. Center it on the form, leaving room at the bottom.

Your form in Design view should look something like Figure 4-20.

Figure 4-20. Initial layout for HRWizard UserForm

Since we have four data collection sections, we need to add two additional pages to our MultiPage control.

1. Right-click either of the tabs at the top of the MultiPage control to display the shortcut menu.

2. Select New Page from the shortcut menu, as shown in Figure 4-21.

3. Repeat this one more time.

Figure 4-21. Inserting a new page in the MultiPage control Your UserForm in Design view should look like Figure 4-22.

Figure 4-22. UserForm after adding two new pages
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