Creating Wizard Style Data Entry User Forms

Wizard-style entry is a fairly common technique used to help users enter data in long or complex forms. Wizards allow you to break your data into related sections, allowing you to guide the user through an orderly data entry process.

From the sample files for this book, open the file named HRWizard.xlsm. This file consists of two worksheets. The employee database worksheet, named EmpData, is shown in Figure 4-14.

Figure 4-14. The HRWizard.xlsm EmpData database worksheet

The second worksheet, ListMgr, contains various lists we'll be using when we create our wizard data entry form. Figure 4-15 shows the ListMgr worksheet.

Built Excel Data Form
Figure 4-15. The ListMgr worksheet contains list data for the wizard UserForm.

For reference, any column on the EmpData worksheet that references a list has a blue color-coded column heading. Our EmpData worksheet data is divided into four sections: Personal, Address, Equipment, and Access, as shown in Figures 4-16 through 4-19.

Figure 4-16. Employee personal information
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Figure 4-17. Employee address information
Figure 4-18. Employee equipment information
Figure 4-19. Employee access information

Our wizard UserForm will walk the user through entering this information for new employees. In turn, each piece of information will be forwarded to the appropriate department for processing.

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