Worksheet Buttons

Excel 2007 has two different sets of controls that can be embedded in worksheets. One set has been inherited from the Forms toolbar in previous versions, and the other has been inherited from the Control ToolBox toolbar in previous versions. The Forms toolbar appeared in Excel 5 and 95. The Forms controls can be embedded in a worksheet and are also used with Excel 5 and 95 dialog sheets to create dialog boxes. Excel 97 introduced the newer ActiveX controls on the Control ToolBox toolbar. You can embed ActiveX controls in a worksheet or use them on UserForms, in the VBE, to create dialog boxes.

To create controls in Excel 2007, select the Developer tab on the Ribbon. In the Controls group, click the Insert button to open the window shown in Figure 1-8.

Form Control

ActiveX Controls

For compatibility with the older versions of Excel, both sets of controls and techniques for creating dialog boxes are supported in Excel 97 and higher. If you have no need to maintain backward compatibility with Excel 5 and 95, you can use just the ActiveX controls.

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