Windows Collection Properties and Methods






Read-only. Returns a Window object from the Windows collection based on a given Index parameter specifying an index number or a name

SynchScrolling SideBySide


Set/Get whether the contents of multiple windows can be simultaneously scrolled when documents are being compared side by side

Name Returns Description

Arrange Method used to arrange the windows on the screen.

Parameters: [ArrangeStyle] As XlArrangeStyle, [ActiveWorkbook], [SynchHorizontal], [SynchVertical]

BreakSideBySide Boolean Method used to end Side-by-Side mode. Returns a

Boolean value indicating whether the operation was successful

Method used to open two windows in Side-by-Side mode. Note that you cannot use this method with the Application object or the ActiveWorkbook property. This method takes one parameter: [WindowName] As Variant

ResetPositions Method used to reset the position of two worksheet

SideBySide windows that are being compared side by side

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