The Trust Center

The Trust Center is the new user interface for all settings related to document security in Office 2007. Many of these settings have been with Office for a long time and were simply relocated to the Trust Center user interface. There are also some new and enhanced document security features in Office 2007. Many of the Trust Center settings are specific to Excel, but some settings will affect all Office applications.

The Trust Center user interface is buried a bit deeply within the Excel user interface. You access the Trust Center dialog in the following manner:

1. Click the Microsoft Office Button and then click the Excel Options button. This will open the Excel Options dialog.

2. In the Excel Options dialog, select Trust Center from the list on the left side.

3. Next, click the Trust Center Settings button on the right side of the Excel Options dialog. This will open the Trust Center dialog, shown in Figure 22-1.

The Trust Center organizes all Excel 2007 document security options under eight categories. The following sections review the settings contained in each of these categories.

Trust Center _fj]l3

Trusted Publishers

Trusted Publishers

Trusted Locations

Issued To 1 Issued By Expiration Date


ActiveX Settings

Macro Settings

Message Bar

Externa! Content

Privacy Options

1 OK |[ Cancel

Figure 22-1

Figure 22-1

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