The Query Table and List Object

When you use the Get External Data feature to create Web Queries or retrieve tabular data, you are creating a QueryTable to manage that data. This QueryTable can exist alone, or it can be associated with a ListObject (the ListObject is also covered in Chapter 6). Retrieving data using Web Queries or text files from the user interface will create a standalone QueryTable. Retrieving data from relational databases like Access or SQL Server will create a ListObject whose data source is a QueryTable. When you create your own QueryTable objects using VBA, you are free to create them either way. Both methods are demonstrated in this section.

This section utilizes the Northwind database, a sample database provided with Microsoft Access 2007. If you don't have this database available, you will need to install it to run the example code.

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  • costanzo conti
    How to attach querytable to listobject?
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