The Personal Macro Workbook

If you choose to store your recorded macro in the Personal Macro Workbook, the macro is added to a special file called Personal.xlsb, which is a hidden file that is saved in your Excel Startup directory when you close Excel. This means that Personal.xlsb is automatically loaded when you launch Excel and, therefore, its macros are always available for any other workbook to use.

If Personal.xlsb does not already exist, the recorder will create it for you. You can use the Unhide button on the View tab of the Ribbon to see this workbook in the Excel window, but it is seldom necessary or desirable to do this because you can examine and modify the Personal.xlsb macros in the Visual Basic Editor window.

An exception where you might want to make Personal.xlsb visible is if you need to store data in its worksheets. You can hide it again, after adding the data, with the Hide button on the View tab of the Ribbon. If you are creating a general-purpose utility macro, which you want to be able to use with any workbook, store it in Personal.xlsb. If the macro relates to just the application in the current workbook, store the macro with the application.

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