In Excel 2007, Microsoft has enabled the Excel developer to use the Internet as an integral part of an application solution in the following ways:

□ Workbooks can be opened from and saved to web servers running the FrontPage Server Extensions.

Excel can open HTML pages as though they were workbooks.

□ Web Queries can be used to extract tables of data from web pages.

□ The Internet Explorer object library can be automated to retrieve individual items of data from a web page, without the overhead of using a workbook.

Excel workbooks can be saved as content-rich web pages, using either HTML or XML.

□ The ability to publish interactive web pages using the Office Web Components has been removed from Excel 2007 and replaced with the Excel Services server-side component.

□ The Microsoft Internet Transfer Control can be used to exchange data between Excel applications and web servers, using either a simple parameter list or more structured XML.

Together, these tools enable you to develop new types of business solutions, where Excel is one key part of a larger business process that may span multiple organizations and geographical locations.

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