Running Macros

To run the macro, either use another worksheet in the Recorder.xlsm workbook or open a new empty workbook, leaving Recorder.xlsm open in memory. You can only run macros that are in open workbooks, but they can be run from within any other open workbook.

You can run the macro by pressing Ctrl+M, the shortcut you assigned at the start of the recording process. You can also run the macro by clicking the Macros button in the View tab of the Ribbon or by clicking the Macros button in the Developer tab of the Ribbon. Both buttons open the dialog box shown in Figure 1-3. You can run the macro by double-clicking the macro name, or by selecting the macro name and clicking Run.


Macro namet

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¡ Step Into ¡

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¡ Delete

| Options..- |

Macros in! | All Open Workbooks v Descriptor Enter Men Tin Names

Figure 1-3

The same dialog box can be opened by pressing Alt+F8.

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