Quick Access Toolbar

In versions of Excel prior to Excel 2007, you can attach macros to toolbar buttons. Because toolbars and menus have been replaced by the Ribbon in Excel 2007, this ability no longer exists, with the exception of the Quick Access Toolbar. The Quick Access Toolbar sits either above or below the Ribbon, and you can add any button from the Ribbon to it to give you direct access to the button. When you right-click a Ribbon button, you can choose Add to Quick Access Toolbar from the pop-up menu. The same pop-up menu offers a second choice, which is Customize Quick Access Toolbar. This choice opens the dialog box shown in Figure 1-13.

Select Macros from the Choose commands from: drop-down menu. You can now assign macros from open workbooks to the Quick Access Toolbar by selecting them and clicking the Add button. The icon associated with the macro can be changed by clicking the Modify button, which provides a selection of icons and a text box where you can enter a quick tip for the button.

Figure 1-13
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