If you intend to spend more than ten minutes investigating RibbonX, there are a few key downloads you'll need and web sites you'll need to know:

□ The official RibbonX site is at

□ The Office 2007 Custom UI Editor is available from articles/CustomUIeditor.aspx.

□ There are two invaluable files available on the MSDN web site. The first contains a list of the names of all Excel's built-in tabs, groups, and controls; the second is an Excel add-in that adds a gallery of all the available built-in images that can be used for your custom controls.

□ If you want to get into the guts of RibbonX, the customui.xsd schema is also available on MSDN. This is the official schema used to validate your customizations, and it details exactly which controls have which attributes and contents.

□ To be informed of any errors in your RibbonX XML, check the box at Office Menu O Excel Options O Advanced O Show add-in user interface errors.

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