Point Methods

Name Returns Parameters Description

ApplyData Labels


[Type As

Applies the data label properties


specified by the parameters to


the point. The Type parameter


specifies whether no label, a


value, a percentage of the whole,


or a category label is shown. The


legend key can appear by the


point by setting the LegendKey

Name] ,

parameter to True. Set


AutoText to True if the object

Name] ,

automatically generates


appropriate text based on


content. HasLeaderLines

Percentage] ,

should be set to True if the series


has leader lines. All the other

Size] ,

parameters are simply the


properties of the data labels that

they describe

Name Returns Parameters Description

ClearFormats Variant Clears the formatting made to a point

ClearFormats Variant Clears the formatting made to a point



Cuts the point and places it in the clipboard



Deletes the point



Pastes the picture in the clipboard into the current point so it becomes the marker



Selects the point on the chart

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