Other RibbonX Elements Attributes and Callbacks

Though most of the elements, attributes, and callbacks in RibbonX are used to set properties of controls, there are a few more you need to understand to fully use the Ribbon.

If you omit the XML elements that define the controls, the full RibbonX structure is shown as follows, where the ellipses (. . .) indicate one or more optional attributes. These elements and their attributes are described in the sections that follow:

<customUI xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/2006/01/customui" ... > <commands>

<command ... /> </commands> <ribbon ... > <officeMenu>

Any control type that can be in a menu </officeMenu> <qat>


<control>, <button> or <separator> control types </sharedControls> <documentControls>

<control>, <button> or <separator> control types </documentControls> </qat> <tabs>

All control types </group> </tab> </tabs>


<tabSet idMso="TabSetChartTools"> <tab ... >

All control types </group> </tab> </tabSet> </contextualTabs> </ribbon> </customUI>

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