The Message Bar is a new feature in Office 2007. It alerts you to various document security-related actions taken by Office and allows you to decide what to do about them. The difference between the Message Bar and the dialog-based alerts from previous versions of Office that it replaced is that the Message Bar is not modal and therefore does not interfere with your use of the application. You can respond to the Message Bar immediately or choose to ignore it while you continue to work. If you ignore the Message Bar alert, the security action it is warning you about will remain in effect by default until you choose otherwise.

For example, in the Add-ins category, discussed previously, there is a setting that allows you to Require Application Add-ins to be Signed by Trusted Publisher. If you choose this setting and attempt to open an unsigned add-in, you will receive the Message Bar notification shown in Figure 22-9.

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' Security Warning Macros have been enabled. Options.,.

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The Message Bar notifies you that macros have been disabled in the unsigned add-in. The Message Bar will remain visible, but will not interfere with your use of Excel until you click the Options button and direct Excel to leave the unsigned add-in disabled or enable its macros.

The Message Bar category contains settings that control the display of the Message Bar, as well as a setting related to Trust Center activity logging. The settings contained in the Message Bar category are shown in Figure 22-10.

Trust Center ¡ÜB'

Trusted Publishers

Message Bar Settings for all Office Applications

Trusted Locations

Showing the Message Bar


0 Shaw the Message Bar in all applications when content has been blocked

ActiveX Settings

O Never show information about blocked content

Macro Settings

Message Bar

External Content

Prrvacy Options

1 1 Enable Trust Center logging

OK ] 1 Cancel

Figure 22-10

Figure 22-10

Note that the settings in the Message Bar category apply to all Office applications, not just Excel. The following list describes each of the settings in the Message Bar category:

□ Show the Message Bar in all applications when content has been blocked — This is the default option. It directs the Trust Center to display a Message Bar notification when it has blocked some content in your document, as specified by your current security settings.

□ Never show information about blocked content—Selecting this option will turn off the Message Bar. The Trust Center will continue to block everything specified by your security settings, but it will not notify you that it has done so. If something is not functioning in your application and no Message Bar notification is being displayed, check to see if this option has been selected.

□ Enable Trust Center logging — Place a check mark in this box if you want the Trust Center to record all security-related activities in a log file. The log file will be named XLTCD.LOG and will be located in the directory C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\ Application Data\Microsoft\Office\TCDiag.

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