Macro Security

To develop macros with minimum interruption, work with Office 2007's security restrictions. Without getting into the complications of digitally signing your workbooks, you have a couple of simple options. Select the Developer tab on the Ribbon and click the Macro Security button. You will see the Trust Center dialog box, where you can select Macro Settings. Here you can enable all macros. This is not recommended because it leaves you wide open to macro viruses.

A better alternative is to nominate a specific directory as a trusted location. Click Trusted Locations to the left of the Trust Center dialog box. You probably already have a number of trusted locations, including your XLSTART directory and templates directories. Use the Add new location button to specify a suitable directory for storing your workbooks.

You should now save the workbook containing the newly recorded macro into the trusted location. Click the Microsoft Office button and select Save As. In the Save as type drop-down, select the .xlsm type and save the workbook in the trusted location as Recorder.xlsm.

If you can't see the file extensions, such as .xlsm, in the Save As dialog box, you should open Windows Explorer, click the Tools menu, and choose Folder Options. In the View tab, remove the check against Hide extensions for known file types.

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