Leveraging DOM and XPath to Manipulate XML Files

The Document Object Model (DOM) is a programming interface that exposes the contents of an XML document, allowing you to access and manipulate the data within. DOM is based on the Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) that comes with Internet Explorer. Every version of Internet Explorer from Internet Explorer 5 on has its version of the built-in MSXML.DDL. The concept behind DOM is reasonably simple. After MSXML parses an XML document, the contents of the XML document are placed in data containers that can be navigated and surveyed by other applications. DOM exposes its own set of properties, methods, and parameters that allow any application that supports DOM to program against these parsed XML documents.

This section explores both DOM and XPath; discovering these two interfaces allows you to explore, modify, and manipulate XML documents. As with all XML technologies, both DOM and XPath are rich in scope and complexity. In that light, you only touch the surface of these technologies. However, after this section, you will be armed with enough information to explore and code against the Open XML file formats.

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    How to manipulate xmlfiles?
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