Language Version of Windows

By this, I mean the basic language version of Windows itself. This choice defines the text for the standard buttons in the VBA MsgBox function (when using the vbMsgBoxStyles constants). Hence, whereas the text of the buttons on Excel's built-in messages responds to the Office UI language, the text of the buttons on your own messages responds to the Windows language. Note that the only way to discover the Windows language is with a Windows API call.

Some things in Office 2007 are 100% (U.S.) English and don't respond to any changes in Windows language, regional settings, or Office UI language:

□ The text resulting from the explicit conversion of Boolean values to strings — that is, all of Str(True), CStr(True), and Format(True) result in "True". Hence, the only way to convert a Boolean variable to the same string that Excel displays for it is to enter it into a cell and then read the cell's .FormulaLocal property.

□ The text of Boolean strings recognized by CBool.

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