Interior Object Example

Sub FormatRange()

Dim oInt As Interior

'Get the interior of the current selection Set oInt = Selection.Interior 'Format the interior in solid yellow

'(color depends on the workbook palette) With oInt

.Pattern = xlSolid .ColorIndex = 6 End With End Sub

This object allows the ability to connect to a Real-Time Data Server (RTD). This type of server allows Excel to receive timed interval data updates without the need for extra coding. In prior versions of Excel, when regular updates were needed, you could use the OnTime method to set up regular data update intervals. RTDs send updates automatically based on an interval set within the server, or by using the HeartbeatInterval method of the IRTDUpdateEvent object.

This object is similar in nature to using the RTD worksheet function, which displays data at regular intervals in a worksheet cell.

Note that to use this object, you must instantiate it using the Implements keyword.

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