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An Add-in can be opened from the Office Open menu, as has been mentioned. However, you get better control over an Add-in if you install it using the Add-Ins dialog box. Click the Microsoft Office button and click Excel Options at the bottom of the dialog box. Click Add-Ins, which displays the dialog box depicted in Figure 17-4.

Figure 17-4

Select Excel Add-ins in the Manage drop-down and click Go to display the dialog box illustrated in Figure 17-5.

The Company Data List Add-in is the Addin.xlam file. If it does not already appear in the list, you can click the Browse button to locate it.

Figure 17-5

The friendly title and description are provided by filling in the workbook's Properties. If you have already converted the workbook to an Add-in, you can set its isAddin property to False to make the workbook visible in the Excel window, click the Microsoft Office button, and then choose Prepare O Properties to display the dialog box shown in Figure 17-6.

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Figure 17-6

The Title and Comments boxes supply the information for the Add-Ins dialog box. When you have added the required information, you can set the isAddin property back to True and save the file.

If you change the Add-in workbook properties after adding it to the Add-Ins dialog box, the friendly text will not appear. You need to remove the Add-in from the list and add it back again. The removal process is covered later.

Once the Add-in is visible in the Add-Ins dialog box, you can install and uninstall the Add-in by checking and unchecking the checkbox beside the Add-in's description. When it is installed, it is loaded into memory and becomes visible in the VBE window, and will be automatically loaded in future Excel sessions. When it is uninstalled, it is removed from memory and is no longer visible in the VBE window, and will no longer be loaded in future Excel sessions.

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