Hyperlink Object and the Hyperlinks Collection Example

This example creates a hyperlink-based Table of Contents worksheet:

Sub CreateHyperlinkTOC()

Dim oBk As Workbook

Dim oShtTOC As Worksheet, oSht As


Dim iRow As Integer

Set oBk = ActiveWorkbook

'Add a new sheet to the workbook

Set oShtTOC = oBk.Worksheets.Add

With oShtTOC

'Add the title to the sheet

.Range("A1").Value = "Table of


'Add Mail and web hyperlinks

.Hyperlinks.Add .Range("A3"),

"mailto:[email protected]", _


Email your comments"

.Hyperlinks.Add .Range("A4"),

"http://www.wrox.com", _


Visit Wrox Press"

End With

'Loop through the sheets in the workbook

'adding location hyperlinks

iRow = 6

For Each oSht In oBk.Worksheets

If oSht.Name <> oShtTOC.Name Then

oShtTOC.Hyperlinks.Add oShtTOC.Cells(iRow, 1), "", _

SubAddress:="'" &

oSht.Name & "'!A1", _


iRow = iRow + 1

End If


End Sub

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