Hyperlink Methods




AddTo Favorites

Adds the Address property to the Favorites folder

CreateNew Document

Filename As String, EditNowAs Boolean, Overwrite As Boolean

Creates a new document with the FileName name from the results of the hyperlink's address. Set the EditNow property to True to open up the document in the appropriate editor. Set Overwrite to True to overwrite any existing document with the same name


Deletes the Hyperlink object

Hyperlink Object and the Hyperlinks Collection Example

Name Parameters Description

Follow [NewWindow], Opens up the target document specified by

[AddHistory], the Address property. Setting NewWindow to

[Extralnfo], True opens up a new window with the

[Method], target document. Set AddHistory to True to

[Headerlnfo display the item in the history folder. Use the

Method parameter to choose if the Extralnfo property is sent as a Get or a Post

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