Hiding Names

You can hide a name by setting its Visible property to False. You can do this when you create the name:

Names.Add Name:="StoreNumber", RefersTo:=v, Visible:=False You can also hide the name after it has been created: Names("StoreNumber").Visible = False

Now the name cannot be seen by users in the Name Manager dialog box. This is not a highly secure way to conceal information, because anyone with VBA skills can detect the name. But it is an effective way to ensure that users are not confused by the presence of strange names.

You should also be aware that if, through the Excel user interface, a user creates a Name object with a Name property corresponding to your hidden name, the hidden name is destroyed. You can prevent this by protecting the worksheet.

Despite some limitations, hidden names do provide a nice way to store information in a workbook.

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