Excel 2000 did not introduce dramatic changes from a VBA programming perspective. There were a large number of improvements in the Office 2000 and Excel 2000 user interfaces and improvements in some Excel features such as PivotTables. A new PivotChart feature was added. Web users benefited the most from Excel 2000, especially through the ability to save workbooks as web pages. There were also improvements for users with a need to share information, through new online collaboration features.

One long-awaited improvement for VBA users was the introduction of modeless UserForms. Previously, Excel only supported modal dialog boxes, which take the focus when they are onscreen so that no other activity can take place until they are closed. Modeless dialog boxes allow the user to continue with other work while the dialog box floats above the worksheet. Modeless dialog boxes can be used to show a "splash" screen when an application written in Excel is loaded and to display a progress indicator while a lengthy macro runs.

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