Container Controls

The following table lists all the container controls you can add to custom groups. By nesting container controls within other containers, you can create hierarchical structures.

contents </dropDown>

contents </comboBox>

Can contain <item> or <button> controls.

Can contain only <item> controls.

A control that provides a drop-down list of items to select between, such as the Width dropDown.

A control that can be typed into, but also provides a drop-down list to pick from. The contents of the drop-down are provided as a set of item elements.

Wi.dth: 1 page

Height: Automatic 1 page

<splitButton ...> <button .../> <menu ...>

menu contents </menu>


<buttonGroup .. contents </buttonGroup>

Can contain <control>,







Must have the structure show here, though could contain either a <button> or a <toggleButton> control.

Can contain any other control type.

Can contain <control>, <button>, <toggleButton>, <gallery>, <menu>, <dynamicMenu> and/ or <splitButton> controls.

A popup menu, whose constituent items are defined in the RibbonX file. Menus may contain buttons or other menus, allowing you to create hierarchical menu structures.

A combined button or toggle-button and menu. Clicking the button part usually performs a default action, and clicking the drop-down arrow shows a list of related alternatives.

The box control has no visual display, but is used to control the layout of other buttons, such as in your Auditing group.

A container control that displays its content controls as a related group, with a border and breaks between the controls.

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