Connecting to an OLAP Data Source

The process of connecting to an OLAP data source is similar to that of any other external data source. In the Data tab, select the From Other Data Sources option and choose From Analysis Services, as demonstrated in Figure 23-1.



Page Layout Formulas


Frorn ùccesi From Afèb

From Other From Te it sourc;s_

Existing Connections

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J Connittiani

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From v:. I Server

Create a connection to a SQL Senrertable. Import data into Excel as a Table or PIvotTable report. From Analysis Services Create a connection to a SQL Server Analyse Servkas cube. Import data into Excel as a Table 01 Pi^otfable report From JiML Data Import Open or map a XML file Into Excel,

From Data Connection Wizard

Import data tor an unlisted format by using the Data

Connection Wizard and QLEDB.

From Microsoft Query

Import data for an unlisted format by using the Microsoft Query Wizard and ODBC.

Figure 23-1

From here, you will be taken through the Data Connection Wizard, where you will provide all the information necessary to connect to the appropriate cube. Once you have gone through the entire dialog for the Data Connection Wizard, you will be presented with the options illustrated in Figure 23-2. Select the option of viewing the data in a PivotTable Report.

im|ioil Data


Select how you want to view this data

n your workbook.


uä ' PivotTable Report

r fl 1 PivotChart and PivotTable Report

_ "j Only Create Connection

Where do you want to put the data?

') Existing worksheet:



■ _ > New worksheet

J Properties,,, | [ OK

J Cancel

Figure 23-2

Clicking the OK button will create a pivot table whose pivot cache is connected to the OLAP data source to which you just connected. You are now ready to browse your OLAP data source.

The examples in this chapter use the Analysis Services Tutorial cube that comes with SQL Server Analysis Services 2005. To follow along using this sample data source, simply load the Analysis Services Tutorial OLAP cube found in the supporting files for SQL Server Analysis Services 2005.

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