Command BarCombo Box Methods

Name Returns Parameters Description


Text as String, Index as Variant

Adds a list item to the specified CommandBarComboBox. The combo box control must be a custom control and must be a drop-down list box or a combo box. This method will fail if it's applied to an edit box or a built-in ComboBox control.






Removes all list items from a CommandBarComboBox (drop-down list box or combo box) and clears the text box (edit box or combo box). This method will fail if it's applied to a built-in command bar control.


CommandBar control

Bar, Before

Copies a CommandBarComboBox to an existing command bar.



Deletes the specified CommandBar ComboBox from its collection. Set Temporary to True to delete the control for the current session only — the application will display the control again in the next session.


Runs the procedure or built-in command assigned to the specified CommandBarComboBox. For custom controls, use the OnAction property to specify the procedure to be run.


CommandBar Control

Bar, Before

Moves the specified CommandBar ComboBox to an existing command bar.


Index As Long

Removes a specified item from a CommandBarComboBox.

Reset Resets a built-in CommandBar

ComboBox to its default configuration, or resets a built-in CommandBar ComboBox to its original function and face.

SetFocus Moves the keyboard focus to the specified CommandBarComboBox. If the control is disabled or isn't visible, this method will fail.

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