COM Addins

The VBE is common to all the Office 2007 applications, so it would be convenient to be able to create Add-ins for the VBE in a way that is not specific to a single Office application. In this chapter, you have created the VBE Toolkit as an Excel Add-in, with the result that the added functionality will only be available when using the VBE from within Excel. This was an appropriate choice, because the Add-in provides some Excel-specific functionality (such as opening and closing workbooks), but is a poor choice for the other functions you've added.

COM Add-ins provide a different way of extending the VBE and other Office applications, in a way that is not necessarily specific to a single application. By using a COM Add-in, you can create a single Add-in that targets the VBE specifically, and hence works across all the Office applications.

Chapter 18 explains how to create COM Add-ins.

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