Chart Object and the Charts Collection Example

This example creates a 3D chart from a given range, formats it, and saves a picture of it as a .jpg image:

Sub CreateAndExportChart()

Dim oCht As Chart

'Create a new (blank) chart

Set oCht = Charts.Add

'Format the chart

With oCht

.ChartType = xl3DColumnStacked

'Set the data source and plot by columns

.SetSourceData Source:=Range("Sheet1!$B$2:$D$8")

, PlotBy:=xlColumns

'Create a new sheet for the chart

.Location Where:=xlLocationAsNewSheet

'Size and shape matches the window it's in

.SizeWithWindow = True

'Turn of stretching of chart

.AutoScaling = False

'Set up a title

.HasTitle = True

.ChartTitle.Caption = "Main Chart"

'No titles for the axes

.Axes(xlCategory).HasTitle = False

.Axes(xlValue).HasTitle = False

'Set the 3D view of the chart

.RightAngleAxes = False

.Elevation = 50 'degrees

.Perspective = 3 0 'degrees

.Rotation = 20 'degrees

.HeightPercent = 100

'No data labels should appear

.ApplyDataLabels Type:=xlDataLabelsShowNone

'Save a picture of the chart as a jpg image

.Export "c:\" & .Name & ".jpg", "jpg", False

End With

End Sub

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