Basic Controls

The following table lists all the basic controls that you can add to custom groups or that can be contained in other control types.

Control Type Description Example from

Excel's Ribbon

<control .../> The generic control type is used whenever you want to add a built-in control to a custom group.

<labelControl .../> A labelControl is a textual element and has no actions. It's typically used to provide headers to columns of related buttons.

GridLines Headings

<button .../> The most common control, a button is a single clickable item, having an image and/or caption.

H Text Box

<toggleButton .../> A toggle-button is a clickable item that toggles between pressed and not pressed with each click. It is most often used in groups to switch an attribute between multiple possible states, where only one of the group can be "down" at any time.

<checkbox .../> A clickable control that toggles between on and off, often used to control whether or not a UI element is visible.

■J Formula Bar

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Control Type


Example from

Excel's Ribbon

A control that can be typed into.

Table Name: Tabid.

<dialogBoxLauncher .../>

A control that can be typed into.

A drop-down control that drops to show a grid of other controls. The gallery can contain many different types of controls within the grid, and is one of the most flexible RibbonX controls.

A popup menu, whose content is provided at run time, using a callback.

A vertical bar used to provide visual separation of controls in a group

A horizontal bar within a popup menu, providing a title for a group of related menu items. If no title is provided, displays as a thin horizontal line.

An item in the drop-down list of a comboBox or dropDown.

Adds a Launcher button to the bottom-right corner of a group.

Table Name: Tabid.

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