The Add-ins category, shown in Figure 22-4, contains some of the settings that control whether or not Excel 2007 trusts the code contained in Excel add-ins. The key word here is "some," because even if none of the settings in this category are selected, there are overlapping settings in other categories covered later in this chapter that can prevent an Excel add-in from running. However, an incorrect setting in the Add-ins category can prevent any Excel add-in from functioning properly, so it is important to understand the settings in this category in order to rule out problems with them when you are troubleshooting problems with your Excel applications.

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Trusted Locations

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ActiveX Settings

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Message Bar

External! Content

Privacy Options

1 OK II Cancel

Figure 22-4

Figure 22-4

The Add-ins category contains the following settings:

□ Require Application Add-ins to be signed by Trusted Publisher — If this checkbox is checked, only add-ins signed by a trusted publisher, as described in the "Trusted Publishers" section, will be allowed to run. This setting overrides the fact that an add-in may be located in a trusted folder. If this setting has been selected and you attempt to load an add-in that has not been signed by a trusted publisher, the add-in will be opened but its code will not run. You will receive a notification in the message bar that the add-in was disabled. The message bar will be covered in the Message Bar category later in this chapter.

□ Disable notification for unsigned add-ins (code will remain disabled) —This setting is only enabled when the preceding checkbox has been checked. If this setting is selected, add-ins not signed by trusted publishers will be disabled without any notification.

□ Disable all Application Add-ins (may impair functionality)—If this checkbox is checked, all Excel add-ins will be disabled without notification. This setting overrides all other Trust Center security settings, including trusted publishers, trusted locations, and macro settings (covered later in this chapter). If this setting is selected, the other two settings in this category will be disabled.

Note that if you modify any of the settings in this category, you must close and restart Excel for the changes to take effect.

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