Addin Install Event

Two special events are triggered when you install and uninstall an Add-in. The following code, in the ThisWorkbook module, shows how to display a user form when the Add-in is installed:

Private Sub Workbook_AddinInstall()

frmlnstall.Show End Sub

The user form displays the information shown in Figure 17-7 for the user.

You have just installed the Company Data Lisi

Use the con trols under the Add-Ins tab of the Ribbon to show the data ferm. When the data fbrm is dosed, you can sort the data ltstr print it or select a Department.

After selecting a Department, vou will still be able to see □ll employees in the data form. To view members of a selected department in the data form, didc;

Note; Sorting only sorts the selected Department Select (All) Departments if you want in sort the entire list

Figure 17-7

The other event is the AddinUninstall event.

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