John Green

Thanks to Katie Mohr and Michael Alexander for getting us back together, and thanks to Brian Herrmann for melding us into a coherent whole.

Dick Kusleika deserves special mention as our technical editor. He has saved us from some embarrassment and suggested numerous improvements in the examples and text. Thank you, Dick.

I would like to thank Michael Beale for seeding some of the examples of interaction with other Office applications.

Finally, a heartfelt thank you to my fellow authors. I have handled the basics and Michael, Rob, and Stephen have supplied the benefits of their specialized knowledge in the higher-level topics to take us further than I would have ever dared on my own.

Stephen Bullen

First and foremost, I'd like to thank my long-suffering girlfriend, Clare, for putting up with all the late nights and lonely evenings she endured while I wrote this update. Thanks also goes to Mike Alexander and Katie Mohr for their efforts in resurrecting the original author team to write this update to the book, and to John and Rob for agreeing to do it—your professionalism leaves me humbled.

Dick Kusleika is the unsung hero of this book. While the four authors could concentrate on our own chapters, Dick had to carefully read every word and check its accuracy. The credit for the amazingly high quality of this work goes to him, while any remaining errors are ours.

Of course, without the Excel team at Microsoft, we wouldn't have had anything to write about, so thanks goes to David Gainer and his team for crafting an amazing update to a quite mature product, and for being so open with the Excel MVPs and wider public over the past few years. The Ribbon is the biggest change that has happened to Office for many years and Jensen Harris and Savraj Dhanjal and their teams have done a brilliant job in designing the Ribbon's UI and programmability model, respectively. I'd particularly like to thank them for listening to the (sometimes harsh) criticism from the beta testers, and for updating their designs in response.

Last, I'd like to thank you, the reader, for buying this book, writing the five-star reviews on Amazon and recommending it to all your friends and colleagues!

Mike Alexander

I would like to first thank the original authors—John Green, Stephen Bullen, and Rob Bovey—for agreeing to reclaim their work. Believe me when I say that these men are very well respected among professional Excel developers, and it is an absolute honor to be associated with their work.

A big thank you goes to Katie Mohr for joining me in lobbying to get the original author team back on board. It is safe to say that without her efforts, this title would not be the superb product it is today. I would also like to thank Brian Herrmann and the professionals at Wiley for all of their time and resources in helping this ambitious title come to fruition.

Dick Kusleika is definitely the "the fifth Beatle" of this book. Dick clearly put a lot of time and effort into keeping us honest and ensuring that our work is as clean as possible. A solid technical editor is paramount for an all-encompassing reference like this one, and Dick Kusleika really came through for all of us.

A very special thank you to Mary for putting up with all of my crazy projects. The royalty checks are in the mail, my love.

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