What You Need to Have

To make the best use of this book, you need a copy of Excel. Although the book was written with Excel 2003 in mind, most of the material also applies to Excel 97 and later versions. If you use an earlier version (such as Excel 5 or Excel 95), you're reading the wrong book. Most of the material in this book also applies to Excel for Macintosh. However, I did no compatibility testing with the Mac version, so you're on your own.

Any computer system that can run Windows will suffice, but you'll be much better off with a fast machine with plenty of memory. Excel is a large program, and using it on a slower system or a system with minimal memory can be extremely frustrating.

I recommend using a high-resolution video driver (1024 x 768 is adequate, and 1600 x 1200 is even better). Using a lower resolution display will do in a pinch, but it just doesn't let you see enough onscreen.

To make use of the examples on the companion CD, you also need a CD-ROM drive.

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