What the Icons Mean

Throughout the book, I've used icons to call your attention to points that are particularly important.

I use this icon to indicate that the material discussed is new to Excel 2003. If you're developing an application that will be used for earlier versions of Excel, pay particular attention to these icons.


I use Note icons to tell you that something is important—perhaps a concept that could help you master the task at hand or something fundamental for understanding subsequent material.

Tip icons indicate a more efficient way of doing something or a technique that might not be obvious.


These icons indicate that an example file is on the companion CD-ROM. (See "About the Companion CD-ROM," later in the Introduction.) This CD holds many of the examples that I cover in the book as well as a trial copy of my popular Power Utility Pak software.


I use Caution icons when the operation that I'm describing can cause problems if you're not careful.

I use the Cross Reference icon to refer you to other chapters that have more to say on a subject.

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