Using cell comments for help

Perhaps the simplest way to provide user help is to use cell comments. This technique is most appropriate for describing the type of input that's expected in a cell. When the user moves the mouse pointer over a cell that contains a comment, that comment appears in a small window, like a ToolTip. Another advantage is that this technique does not require any macros.

Automatic display of cell comments is an option. The following VBA instruction ensures that cell comment indicators are displayed for cells that contain comments:

Application.DisplayCommentlndicator = xlCommentlndicatorOnly

Another option is to use Excel's Data ^ Validation command, which displays a dialog box that lets you specify valid validation criteria for a cell or range. The Input Message tab of the Data Validation dialog box lets you specify a message that is displayed when the cell is activated. This text is limited to approximately 250 characters.

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