User Form Deluxe An Enhanced Data Form

Next is one of the more complex UserForms that you'll encounter. I designed it as a replacement for Excel's Data Form, shown in Figure 15-18. You'll recall this is the dialog box that appears when you choose Data ^ Form.

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Quarter; |qi


Winery: iBeaulieu


Appellation: 1 Cabernet Sauvignon


Region; 1 North

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Cost Per Case: fl65 Cases Sold: |450

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Sales: $74,250


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Figure 15-18: Excel's Data Form.

Figure 15-18: Excel's Data Form.

Like Excel's Data Form, my Enhanced Data Form works with a list in a worksheet. But as you can see in Figure 15-19, it has a dramatically different appearance and offers several advantages.

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Figure 15-19: The author's Enhanced Data Form.
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