Excel 2003 ships with dozens of predefined toolbars (including the two toolbars that function as menus), and you can create as many new toolbars as you like. Choose the View ^ Toolbars ^ Customize command to customize toolbars or create new ones. You can distribute customized toolbars by attaching them to workbooks.

You can dock toolbars (position them along any edge of the screen) or make them float. By default, Excel displays the Standard and Formatting toolbars directly below the menu bar.

The toolbar buttons can be displayed in either of two sizes — although the large size buttons are simply too large in my opinion. A crude but effective toolbar button editor is built into Excel (see Figure 2-1). Excel provides thousands of toolbar button images, however, so you probably won't need to use the button editor.

Figure 2-1: Excel's toolbar button editor is nothing to write home about, but it does the job.

I discuss toolbars in detail in Chapter 22.

I discuss toolbars in detail in Chapter 22.

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