The Title Property Of An Addin Object

This hidden property holds a descriptive name for the add-in. The Title property is what appears in the Add-Ins dialog box. This property is read-only, and the only way to add or change the Title property of an add-in is to use the File^Properties command (click the Summary tab, and enter text into the Title field). You must use this menu command with the XLS version of the file before converting it to an add-in.

Typically, a member of a collection is addressed by way of its Name property setting. The AddIns collection is different; it uses the Title property instead. The following example displays the filename for the Analysis ToolPak add-in (that is, analys32.xll), whose Title property is "Analysis ToolPak".

Sub ShowName()

MsgBox AddIns("Analysis Toolpak").Name End Sub

You can, of course, also reference a particular add-in with its index number if you happen to know it. But in the vast majority of cases, you will want to refer to an add-in by using its Name property.

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