Setting up the workbook for the example addin

In this example, you'll be working with a workbook that has already been developed and debugged. The workbook consists of the following items:

♦ A worksheet named Sheetl: This sheet is used to hold pre-processed data, which can be restored if the user chooses to undo the operation.

♦ A UserForm named UserForml: This dialog box serves as the primary user interface. The code module for this UserForm contains several event handler procedures.

♦ A VBA module named Modulel: This contains several procedures, including a procedure that displays the UseForm1 UserForm.

♦ ThisWorkbook code module: This contains two event handler procedures

(Workbook_Open and Workbook_BeforeClose) that contain code to create and delete the menu item on the Tools menu.

See Chapter 16 for details about how the Text Tools utility works.

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