Removing Excel menu elements

You can remove any part of the Excel menu system: menu items, menus, and entire menu bars. For example, if you don't want the end users of your application fiddling with the display, you can remove the View menu from the Worksheet Menu Bar. You can also remove one or more menu items from a menu. If you remove the New menu item from the File menu, for example, users can't use the menu to create a new workbook. Finally, you can eliminate Excel's menu bar and replace it with one that you've created. You might do this if you want your application to be completely under the control of your macros.

Simply removing menu bars, menus, or menu items does not affect the alternative method of accomplishing some actions. Specifically, if corresponding shortcut keys, toolbar buttons, or shortcut menus perform the same action as a menu command, those alternative methods still work. For example, if you remove the New menu item from the File menu, the user can still use the New Workbook toolbar button, the Ctrl+N shortcut, the Task Pane, or the desktop shortcut menu to create a new workbook.

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