Postmortem of the project

The previous sections described each component of the Text Tools utility. At this point, it's useful to revisit the original project goals to see whether they were met. The original goals, along with my comments, are as follows:

♦ Its main features will be those listed at the beginning of this section. Accomplished.

♦ It will enable the user to request the preceding types of changes on nontext cells as well as text cells. Accomplished.

♦ It will have the same look and feel of other Excel commands. In other words, it will have a dialog box that looks like Excel's dialog boxes. As I noted earlier, the Text Tools utility deviates from Excel's normal look and on the cd on the cd feel by using an Apply button rather than an OK button. And, unlike most of Excel's dialog boxes, Text Tools uses a stay-on-top dialog box. In light of the enhanced usability, I think these deviations are quite reasonable.

♦ It will be in the form of an add-in and will be accessible from the Tools menu. Accomplished.

♦ It will operate with the current selection of cells (including multiple selections), and it will enable the user to modify the range selection while the dialog box is displayed. Accomplished. And because the dialog box need not be dismissed, it didn't require the use of a RefEdit control.

♦ It will remember the last operation used and display those settings the next time that the dialog box is invoked. Accomplished (thanks to the Windows Registry).

♦ It will have no effect on cells that contain formulas. Accomplished.

♦ It will be fast and efficient. For example, if the user selects an entire range, the utility should ignore empty cells. Accomplished.

♦ It will enable the user to undo the changes. Accomplished.

♦ Comprehensive help will be available. Accomplished.

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