Other counting tools

The COUNTIF function is useful when you have a single counting criterion. For more complex comparisons, you can use the DCOUNT function. To use the DCOUNT function, you must set your data up as a database (with field names in the first row), and you also need to create a separate criteria range to specify the counting criteria. The criteria range can also handle logical OR operations by using additional rows. Consult the online help for details.

Excel's SUBTOTAL function can be very useful when you need to get a count of rows that have been filtered by using the AutoFilter feature. The first argument for the subtotal function determines the type of subtotaling. An argument of 3 represents the COUNTA function, and it returns the number of visible cells in a range.

For the ultimate in counting, consider using a pivot table. If you're not familiar with pivot tables, you're missing out on one of the most powerful tools around.

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