Multilanguage applications

An obvious consideration involves the language that is used in your application. For example, if you use one or more dialog boxes, you probably want the text to appear in the language of the user. Fortunately, this is not too difficult (assuming, of course, that you can translate your text or know someone who can).

The companion CD-ROM contains a dialog box wizard that is set up to use any of three languages: English, Spanish, or German.This example is based on a dialog box example that I present in Chapter 14.

The first step of the dialog box language wizard (found on the CD) contains three OptionButtons that enable the user to select a language. The text for the three languages is stored in a worksheet.

Figures 26-1 through 26-3 show the UserForm displaying text in all three languages.

Figure 26-1: The Wizard Demo, in English.
Figure 26-2: The Wizard Demo, in Spanish.
Figure 26-3: The Wizard Demo, in German.
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