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Beginning with Excel 97, the menus are actually toolbars in disguise. The icons that accompany some menu items are a dead giveaway.

Excel's menu system is relatively straightforward. Two different menu bars exist: one when a worksheet is active; the other when a chart sheet is active or when a chart object in a worksheet is selected. Consistent with Windows conventions, inappropriate menu commands are dimmed, and commands that open a dialog box are followed by an ellipsis. Where appropriate, the menus list any available shortcut key combinations (for example, the Edit menu lists Ctrl+Z as the shortcut key for Edit ^ Undo).

Several menu items are cascading menus. Clicking such a menu item leads to a submenu that has additional commands. (Edit ^ Fill is a cascading menu, for example.) Cascading menus are indicated by a small, right-pointing arrow.

The entire menu system can be customized by the end user or developer. To do so, choose the View ^ Toolbars ^ Customize command. It's important to understand that menu changes made by using this technique are permanent. In other words, the menu changes remain in effect even if you close Excel and restart it. You can, however, reset the menus at any time. Choose View ^ Toolbars ^ Customize. In the Customize dialog box, click the Toolbars tab. Select Worksheet Menu Bar (or Chart Menu Bar) from the Toolbars list, and then click Reset.

Excel 5 and Excel 95 included a menu editor feature, which is no longer supported.If you need to modify a menu created with the menu editor found in Excel 5 or Excel 95, you'll need to use Excel 5 or Excel 95 to make the change. Or, seek out a utility program that can do the job. If you need to convert an Excel 5/95 workbook that has menu edits incorporated in it, it is best to use the menu editor to remove those edits before converting the workbook to Excel 97 (or later) format.

Refer to Chapter 23 for more information about customizing menus.

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