Installing an addin

To avoid confusion, close the XLS workbook before installing the add-in created from that workbook.

To install an add-in, do the following:

1. Choose the Tools ^ Add-Ins command. Excel displays the Add-Ins dialog box.

2. Click the Browse button and locate the add-in that you just created. After you find your new add-in, the Add-Ins dialog box displays the add-in in its list. As shown in Figure 21-3, the Add-Ins dialog box also displays the descriptive information that you provided in the Properties dialog box.

Figure 21-3: The Add-Ins dialog box, with the new add-in selected.

3. Click OK to close the dialog box and open the add-in.

When the Text Tools add-in is opened, the Tools menu displays the new menu item that executes the StartTextTool procedure in the add-in.

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