Executing a procedure from the Macro dialog box

Choosing Excel's Tools ^ Macro ^ Macros command displays the Macro dialog box, as shown in Figure 9-1. (You can also press Alt+F8 to access this dialog box.) The Macro dialog box lists all available Sub procedures. Use the Macros In drop-down box to limit the scope of the macros displayed (for example, show only the macros in the active workbook). The Macro dialog box does not display Function procedures. In addition, it does not display Sub procedures declared with the Private keyword, Sub procedures that require one or more arguments, or Sub procedures contained in add-ins.

Figure 9-1: The Macro dialog box lists all available procedures.

Procedures stored in an add-in are not listed in the Macro dialog box, but you still can execute such a procedure if you know the name. Simply type the procedure name into the Macro Name field in the Macro dialog box and then click Run.

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