Excel dialog sheets

In Excel 5 and Excel 95, you created a custom dialog box by inserting a special dialog sheet. Excel 97 and later versions still support these dialog sheets, but a much better alternative is available: UserForms. You work with UserForms in the VBE.

When you open a workbook that contains an Excel 5/95 dialog sheet, the dialog sheet appears as a sheet in the workbook.

If, for compatibility purposes, you need to insert an Excel 5/95 dialog sheet, you won't find the command to do so on the Insert menu.The only way to add an Excel 5/95 dialog sheet is to right-click any sheet tab and select Insert from the shortcut menu.Then,in the Insert dialog box, click the MS Excel 5.0 Dialog icon.

I do not discuss Excel 5/95 dialog sheets in this book.

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