Examining the recorded code for the pivot table

VBA code that works with pivot tables can be confusing. To make any sense of the recorded macro, you need to know about a few relevant objects, all of which are thoroughly explained in the online help.

♦ PivotCaches: A collection of PivotCache objects in a Workbook object.

♦ PivotTables: A collection of PivotTable objects in a Worksheet object.

♦ PivotFields: A collection of fields in a PivotTable object.

♦ Pivotltems: A collection of individual data items within a field category.

♦ CreatePivotTable: A PivotCache object method that creates a pivot table by using the data in a pivot cache.

♦ PivotTableWizard: A Worksheet object method that creates a pivot table. As you see in the next section, this method isn't necessary.

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