By default, Excel inserts five lines of comments (three of them blank) that list the macro name, the user's name, and the date. You can put anything you like here — or nothing at all. As far as I'm concerned, typing anything in is a waste of time because I always end up deleting this in the module.

In versions of Excel prior to Excel 97, the Record Macro dialog box provided an option that let you assign the macro to a new menu item on the Tools menu. This

The Personal Macro Workbook

If you create some VBA macros that you find particularly useful, you might want to store these routines on your Personal Macro Workbook. This is a workbook, named Personal.xls, that is stored in your XLStart directory. Whenever you start Excel, this workbook is loaded. It's a hidden workbook, so it's out of your way. When you record a macro, one of your options is to record it to your Personal Macro Workbook. The Personal.xls file doesn't exist until you record a macro to it.

option was removed, beginning with Excel 97. If you want to be able to execute a macro from a menu, you need to set this up yourself. See Chapter 23 for more details.

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