Declarations In The Module Vba Module

Following are the declarations at the top of the Modulel module:

Public Const APPNAME As String = "Text Tools Utility" Public Const PROGRESSTHRESHHOLD = 2000

Public UserChoices(1 To 8) As Variant 'stores user's last choices Public UndoRange As Range ' For undoing Public UserSelection As Range 'For Udoing

I declare a Public constant containing a string that stores the name of the application. This string is used in the UserForm caption and in various message boxes. It is also used as the caption for the menu item that's created. (See "The ThisWorkbook code module," earlier in this chapter.)

The PROGRESSTHRESHHOLD constant specifies the number of cells that will display the progress indicator. When this constant is 2,000, the progress indicator will be shown only if the utility is working on 2,000 or more cells.

The UserChoices array holds the value of each control. This information is stored in the Windows Registry and is retrieved when the utility is executed. Two other Range object variables are used to store information used for undoing.

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